Stan Michalak is an extraordinary bass player. Born in Lodz. Studied violin and double bass. Stan's musical roots are deep in the traditions of European classical, African-American classical (Jazz) and the indigenous music of his people and his homeland.
Scholarship of Alban Berg Fundation in Vienna. He worked in studio with Hans Joachim Roedelius (the pioneer of contemporary electronic music) and recorded few CD's incl. “Theather Works”-feat. Brian Eno.
He performed and recorded with great EARTHA KITT and with Herb Geller, Oliver Johnson, Kosta Lucacs, Charles Owens, Billy Bang, Jocelyn B.Smith, Souleymane Toure, Daryl Waters, Abdu Salim, Jean Paul Bourelly, Omar Sosa, DJ Spooky, Anthony Baggette, Eddie Henderson, Tony Hurdle, Mariana Baraj, Frank Lacy, Reggie Moore, Ashraf Sharif Khan, Johnny Rabb, Marek Balata, Kazimierz Jonkisz, to name a few.
He contributed in theatre and  multimedia projects with music composed by Yola Wesolowska.

Stan also recorded with Eartha Kitt “Live at the Theater des Westens”(Deutschland Radio Berlin), CD's: “Fuasimodo Rings a Bell” with Fuasi & Ensemble, “Sharifa's Favorite Things” (WEA/Warner) with Sharifa & Wordsong, “Just as I am” with Siggy Davis and Jean Paul Bourelly, “Cave Painting” with Christof Vonderau and Nirankar Khalsa, CD“Legacy” with Sharifa (Mami Watu) and Gernot Reetz.  CD “Tales from the Earth” 2009 feat. Omar Sosa, Mark Weinstein, Jean Paul Bourelly, Aly Keita, Aho Luc Nicaise, Marque Gilmore, Mathias Agbokou.

 THE 3RIO feat. Krzysztof Puma Piasecki and Kenny Martin (in 2010 recorded CD ,,We've got plans” ) 
The Legacy Trio feat. Shar'Ifa and Gernot Reetz recorded CD ,,Rough Ground" -2012

Composed music and contributed in several projects with pantomime artist Tomasz Dajewski, with multimedia artist Jormungarden and with hip-hop artist Spinache.